Hola, I'm Eddie!

And this is what I was born to do.

Anecdote Photography is the Hudson Valley and NYC based studio of Wedding Photographer Eduardo Perez-Tobon (Eddie). He is a Venezuelan native, a Journalist and Professional Photographer with 10 years and 900+ Weddings under his belt. Most importantly, Eddie is husband to the love of his life and papi of two beautiful girls and a Yorkie named Elton <3

La Gran Sabana, Venezuela. Maybe you've seen those table top mountains in the Pixar movie 'Up'. That place exists! And it's driving distance from my hometown. When I think of where I came from, this is what I think about. I took this photo in 2009, my last visit.

Growing up and stuff

I am one of four kids, born and raised in a small industrial city in the South East of Venezuela. Blessed with an amazing childhood, surrounded by family, friends and nature! The city is literally between the two largest rivers in the country, so yeah, mad humidity plus about 100F everyday, you know, melting a little. Over there you are suppose to become an engineer and work in one of the industries, but my thing was always movies, stories and people.

Starting a career

With the support and encouragement of my parents, I moved to the capital of Venezuela, Caracas! I studied a few years of Psychology, and even thought I ran out of money and had to drop out, the experience positively impacted me for life! Both figuratively and literally since that's where I met my beloved wife :D Things happen for a reason of course, I switched paths and became a professional Journalist, the journey where I learned the basics of photography.

Living the dream

Moving to NYC in 2010, I committed myself to learn as much as possible about the city as I could (while looking for something productive to do hehe), so I started to go out and just walk with my Nikon DSLR. This led me to fall in love with the candid nature of Street Photography, the artsy fashion photography and eventually the documentary aspect of Wedding Photography. And that was it, I knew I found what I was born to do after participating in my very first Wedding in March 2013.

This is story-telling for lovers.

Now that you know where I'm from, let me try to put into words my style of Wedding Photography. I balance between Documentary and Creative Direction.  I'll get to know you, your friends and family before and throughout the day.  Capturing everyone as they are but also setting you up in different spots and get you to interact with each other and your family and friends ;)  My mindset behind every Wedding, and essentially every photograph I take, is to capture you the way you are, your chemistry, your dynamic as a couple... the one that is yours and yours only.  In 10 or 20 years, you'll see your photos and think of how amazing your day was instead of how awkward your arm/leg/neck looks.  Your photos will be timeless because they were captured in a way that made them meaningful to you. <3

anecdote photography

Empire State Building from above by Eduardo Perez-Tobon
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We couldn't be more happy, he is just an amazing soul and very easy to deal with. His knowledge on what he does reflects on every single picture. He was very patience with me and Titina (our dog) during our Engagement Session, I knew from then that I had nothing to worry about on our Wedding Day.

Malu M. Married 2018 at Liberty House, Jersey City, NJ