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I'd love to hear from you! Filling the form is the BEST way to reach out. (Check my Coverage Options before doing so). I'm currently booking most of 2025 and 2026.

Frequently Asked Q's

How quickly you reply?

In the Winter, most days, within hours. The rest of the seasons, I reply within 24 Hrs.

Do you hold dates?

Yes, I can give you a couple of days and if I receive an inquiry for the same date I'll give you the heads up before moving forward.

Can I share my Pinterest board with you?

Yes! You sure can! As long as we are clear that is just for reference. We can talk about it but be mindful that as a principle, I do not replicate other people’s work or follow color/filter trends. Think of it like this, what we (you and me) are creating will be especially tailored for you in every way, from a couple photoshoot that represents your relationship, to the Wedding day family formals that cover every possible combination of your VIPs.

How do I choose my Wedding Photographer?

A beautiful and diverse portfolio is very important but not everything :) Choosing a Wedding Photographer is so much more than just choosing someone whose work you love. You will spend more time with your photographer on your Wedding day than with any other vendor. You need to get along and enjoy each other as people! It's not like you have to instantly become friends or anything, but a photographer’s approach, style, personality, demeanor, etc., all affect a Wedding and the gallery of photos you receive at the end of the day. On that note, remember that what you pick may be very different than what someone else chooses, and a that is perfectly fine, we are all different. BUT, If the coverage of your day is a gift, it’s VERY important that before a contract is signed to have a conversation directly (regardless of who is paying). Your photographer should be able to outline what they DO and DO NOT provide, explain their workflow, what their turnaround times are, etc., but especially answer ALL of your Wedding Photography related questions while giving you realistic expectations about your experience. Hope that helps!

The Limo is late! It's raining outside!

Sometimes things won't go the way you expect, and that's OKAY. Planning is key and during the Pre-Wedding consultation, we discuss many of those unforeseen scenarios. A Wedding Photo Plan is outlined and we get an idea, a guideline of what we are doing and what to expect for you Wedding day! On that brief document we'll also put down a Plan B for the photoshoot as well as what times we can play with to accommodate for any part of the day running late or not going the way is suppose to, don't worry, we got you ;) Believe it or not, most of the time a little bump on a Wedding day makes for quite a memorable moment, like forgetting the wedding bands at the hotel, a limousine being stopped by the police or the old family dog eating some of the petals walking down the aisle.

I’m super awkward in front of the camera! What do I do?

I’m also a little weird in front of it, but don’t worry, I got you! This is more common than you imagine and I pride myself on being an expert at making you feel even more awkward! :D It’s a silly joke. I don’t. Promise. For situations like this is why we set up a meeting (phone, video or in person) to discuss what we are doing and work on those expectations, and also and more importantly, we have the Engagement Session where you’ll get a real feeling of how things are during your photoshoot = Awkward as hell! Hehe I promise it’s a joke!

Don't know what else to ask?

Watch this video for a Q&A I did in early 2019 on IG. Do you cry at Weddings? What do you like to photograph on a Wedding Day? Do you make a script or improvise on the go? FAVORITE WEDDING???

I want to truly thank you for taking the time out to turn our session into more like an enchanted dream. We re-lived a moment in time when we knew this was 'meant to be'. It was so special and full of good vibes.

Melissa A. Married 06.09.2015 at Liberty State Park, NJ